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Tech Assisted Legal Drafting

Tech and AI powered legal services including hyperthorough document reviews and drafting - powered by libraries of documents converted from text into data.

Knowledge Management As A Service

For legal teams and other professionals who are trying to organize, understand and improve their many document versions and drafts.

Large Volume Document Processing

For various research purposes to aid in discovery, updating, M&A diligence and many other abstracting and extract purposes.


We are passionate about simplifying complex knowledge management.

Central to our innovative approach is the implementation of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes. This powerful technology is the backbone of our data-driven solutions.

Our team comprises seasoned legal professionals and tech-savvy innovators. Together, we create a synergy that bridges the gap between traditional legal practices and modern technological advancements. Our commitment to excellence and innovation puts us at the forefront of knowledge management technology, offering our clients unparalleled service and expertise.

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Machine Learning

Extract, Transform and Load data for storage, analysis, and machine learning.

High-volume knowledge ingestion and categorization.

Scan through knowledge using our AI-driven research workbench.

Make thoughtful drafting suggestions by leveraging heightened analysis.

Finalize drafts at record speed while capturing your team's actions.

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High-volume knowledge ingestion and categorization

Clausehound has created technology for structured document analysis comprising of:

  • Parsing a plurality of text segments from structured documents, each piece of text comprising of text, taxonomy and contextual metadata
  • Mapping of taxonomies to provide a vector description of each piece of text, defining relationships between taxonomy and text;
  • Classifying the plurality of text segments by 'cluster', by comparing the vector description of the text segment to vector descriptions of other text and cluster segments
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Racks of machines

Make thoughtful drafting suggestions by leveraging heightened analysis

Equip your team with the ability to leverage your organization's institutional knowledge and make educated drafting or editing decisions.

Gain a deeper understanding of your drafting workflows, your document completion rates and the commonalities in concept between your text.

Identify otherwise hidden gaps in your documents, and suggest language based on your own precedent.

Export 'abstracts' of outstanding action items in a matter of clicks, to help speed along closure.

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Person setting at computer

Scan through your knowledge using our AI-driven research workbench.

'Flip' through knowledge materials and annotate disparate bits of knowledge and content that is mapped against a topic taxonomy and connected directly to your word processor.

Review your focused text segments against 100s of other text segments with similar vector descriptions and in the same categories as the particular focused text segments.

Curate and save your searched knowledge queries and build 'collections' of documents that can be recalled in a matter of clicks.

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Business Meeting

Finalize drafts at record speed while capturing your team's actions

Export 'abstracts' of outstanding action items in a matter of clicks, to help speed along closure.

Share document collections amongst team members and review your team's drafting thought process via metadata to gain clear understanding of a document's evolution.

Track all drafting activity to create 'playbooks' that can be used for drafting standardization and speedy onboarding.

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We have been impressed with the commitment by Cobalt to providing a thoughtful response within a six hour service level, with their deal knowledge capture through their software platform, and with the speed at which their software and lawyers are able to collect our thinking and map from prior deals into future deals. As our understanding of their legal and technological capabilities have advanced, we have increased our desire to create [...] automations around legal documentation.

— Michael Younder | Head of CMS Partnerships

Cobalt has been an excellent partner for us. The client focus and support is outstanding. Their Drafting Sprints have been very effective for us, helping progress deals based on our timeline. It’s easy to recommend Cobalt.

— Brett Hurlock | President

The protection and collection of personal information of the audience that use our services are of great importance to us, and with the depth of experience of the Cobalt team, they have helped us to ensure that we understand how we can ensure our compliance with privacy laws and provide our audience comfort that their information is secure. The Cobalt team shares the same values of transparency and trust as is evident in our experiences working with them.

— Brian Prosserman | Founder

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