Policysaurus for Privacy and Cybersecurity

Rules and Policy Compare Tool and Builder

What is Policysaurus?

With the help of our software and researchers, compare thousands of legal concepts across jurisdictions and review dozens of laws and hundreds of case law decisions.

For the purpose of supplying research on complex topics to support the development of laws, rulebooks, practitioner guides, judicial reference guides, or policies for topics that are nuanced.

Privacy and Cybersecurity

Policysaurus concords the various rules so that the audit team can focus on the actual assessment of data location. Our synthesis will group all location-based questions into the same category and will differentiate, where multiple tests will be needed on different data, to resolve a variety of certification requirements. Our document generation tools can also generate reports in a variety of forms to match the audit requirements for dozens or hundreds of different certifications, making the audit response effortless.

Your audit starts where our rules taxonomy ends, testing and supplying pass/fail information (to simplify the problem).

Our “meta elevator” synthesizes:

  • The rules from the various jurisdictions, and
  • The rules from the various certifications

Product Description

1. Excellent Practices from Excellent Research

“Best practices” come from “bad” practices - we review dozens of laws and policies (ours, yours, comparative jurisdictions) as well as hundreds of case law decisions.

Our Policy Compare Tool compares thousands of concepts, with our researchers and software working tirelessly to uncover the nuances. This ability to compare across jurisdictions en masse was previously impossible due to the amount of work required, meaning that previously best practices were limited to the quality of the research inputs.

Best practices lie not only in the similarities between policies but also in the disputes, differences, and gaps. Our Gap Processing tools identifies the concepts that are missing across a bundle of similar documents.

2. Reviewed and Signed off by our Subject Matter Experts

Policysaurus has a credible and diverse group of subject matter experts that review, provide feedback, and sign off on our content for quality assurance.

3. Evergreen

Stay at your “best” by staying on top of good and bad practices - our software continues to update and organize content as the policy story develops.

How It Works

1. Policy Generator - Policies Upload Tool

2. Compare Tool - A differentiation tool in which our software and researchers search to uncover the nuances

3. Gap Processing - Compare document content to identify gaps in your document

4. Knowledge Mapping - Map knowledge directly to concepts to support policy drafters

5. Integrate into your Workflow - Connect directly into tools, whether it's field operations technology or document management systems

See it in Action

Policysaurus concords the information and keeps up to date with legislation from the necessary jurisdictions. Our researchers want to ensure that the taxonomy is comprehensive and make sense for states, provinces, certification boards, and more! All these rules are aggregated into one space for the researcher.

The research collected is then concorded to develop rules. The auditor reviews those rules, and our computer software generates pass/fail decisions based on final rule and test data to automatically generate a report. Policysaurus process makes this an extremely efficient and seamless process.

Our team understands that the language used in legislation, by-laws, policies, and procedures can be complex and difficult to navigate. Policysaurus' technology makes this information accessible by organizing this information in understandable categories, accompanied by definitions, context, and examples. If requested, we also offer a variety of resources to support the use of our technology, such as training materials and Q&A boards.

Policysaurus’s Technology Advantage

Policysaurus is the World's Most Agile “Concordance Table”

Zero-copy system: the original documents remain intact; our technology attaches a meta-information pointer to hundreds (or thousands) of reference documents including your own target documents