Knowledge Library Design

For complex commercial negotiations and deal team training

DealPrep's technology creates custom Knowledge Libraries for the purpose of developing your own organizational standards.

Combined with our KM team and legal clerks, our patent-pending technology organizes and develops legal negotiation playbooks, and supports large-scale document processing projects for our customers.

Example screens of DealPrep

Speed up deal closings

Create legacy knowledge repositories

Expedite employee onboarding

Enable deal collaboration between team members

Our ThreeC Process

DealPrep’s ThreeC algorithm facilitates the creation of custom legal reference libraries and training curriculum, based on your organization's expertise and standards.

Our technology Collects your company's tacit knowledge, Categorizes it into substantive concordance frameworks, and Configures them into legal reference libraries, for your team's insights.


Knowledge comes in many forms. It can come as negotiation levers, deal history, variation language, escalations, resolutions, Q&A, etc.

As a fast-moving organization, the amount of knowledge built on a daily basis is overwhelming, and most of it gets lost in emails and recycling bins (physical or digital).

Our technology allows for speedy collection of all of this "meta" knowledge, to ensure that nothing gets missed.


As your knowledge is collected, our tech organizes it into manageable and insightful frameworks.

Our technology automatically categorizes your knowledge based on their substantive concept (think: Topic “tagging”).

The algorithm then acts as a concordance table, which auto-groups materials into their respective taxonomies, where they live among all of the other related tacit knowledge.


DealPrep organizes your knowledge frameworks into a user-friendly, Collaborative research workbench to allow for easy access to historical knowledge on the finer points of your team's negotiations.

This platform creates a self-led onboarding environment where new team members can effortlessly pull key deal knowledge.

Ready to level-up your teams deal proficiency?