Superhuman, tech-assisted legal outsourcing for deal teams

For B2B deal teams experiencing high-volume MSA and NDA negotiations

Image of machines analyzing documents

DealPrep’s clerks leverage AI document analysis technology and a sophisticated data model to solve complicated large volume document drafting, review and insight gathering tasks for deal teams experiencing redline fatigue.

If your team is toppling over with the weight of your legal document redlines, our team of tech-assisted clerks will solve your deal overflow. Our technology allows us to provide draft responses to your documents quickly, thoroughly and within a service level, while also leaving you with an evergreen deal playbook.

Impact Metrics

Cost reductions and capacity unlocking in expensive and high-value business areas


Cost savings on doc review tasks due to DealPrep clerks completing 70-80% of first round work, submitting a complete set of recommended edits based on your own rule mapping


Senior lawyer capacity unlocked due to self-onboarding ability for new hires via DealPrep’s research workbench technology collecting your institutional knowledge automatically


Cost savings on time-consuming research work due to heightened search/discovery/tracking ability using DealPrep’s tech-assisted clerk services


Reduce Redline Fatigue ...

  • Inbound contracts contain 200+ negotiation points, across multiple versions
  • At 100 deals per year, ~20,000 clauses are negotiated from scratch, overlooking the wealth of knowledge contained in deal margin comments
  • These margin comments are a goldmine of insights that can be used to negotiate future deals
Four pages of a redline document with comments

... Accelerate to speedy deal closings

Document with Comment
Step 1

Our technology aggregates your margin comments in bulk

Converting Comment into Rule
Step 2

Your comments are then converted into rules that capture your team's decision-making

Playbook with coverted comment
Step 3

Our clerk team generates playbooks for you that stay up to date with every new deal nuance captured

Who benefits most?

Redline fatigue affects all corners of an organization

Sales teams

Legal department busy schedules and turnover leads to organizational bottlenecks, that can be resolved with playbooks.

This benefits sales teams who are waiting for redline "turns" in order to close deals and achieve bonus targets.

Senior Counsel

If everything is escalated, nothing gets done. Playbooks distribute work to junior counsel, clerks, and sales professionals.

New team members

The playbook provides a guide so that team members can hit the ground running.


The use of playbooks can share the work with lower-cost clerks, reallocating the legal budget to other important activities.

Ops teams

Vendor management / Procurement suffers from bottlenecks too.

Operational team members will be delighted by faster deal closings in order to onboard their much needed products and services.

Ready to get started?

Within the first few days of our engagement, our tech-assisted legal clerk team will generate a playbook for you. Share it with your entire team!

Need us to reduce your commercial deal review backlog? With the benefit of our patent-pending technology, our clerks will provide a superhuman level of thoroughness in contract reviews.

AI-driven commercial deal playbooks technology and clerk services for high-volume MSA, NDA and other commercial negotiations. View our video demo HERE!